Project 2: Jianhe County, Guizhou Province, China (map)

Jianhe, a Miao and Dong autonomous region, is located in the Qiandongnan prefecture of Guizhou province. A territory of 2176 square kilometers supports a population of over 238,700, almost all of whom (96%) are members of either the Miao or Dong minorities.  Jianhe is remote and mountainous, surrounded by hundreds of miles of untouched broad-leaf forest. As such, the county has been designated one of China's prime targets for development and poverty relief.


Primary School Reconstruction

  1. Kang Yun Xintai Hope School (April 2007)
  2. Kang Yun Wulian Hope School (August 2008)
  3. Kang Yun Jiuyang Hope School (October 2008)
  4. Kang Yun Baiwei Hope School (May 2009)
  5. Kang Yun Xinmin Guanme Hope School (May 2010)
  6. Kang Yun Fanhao Hope School (May 2012)
  7. Kang Yun Zhanya Hope School (under way)